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Access to technical information held by car manufacturers is becoming increasingly important as repairing and servicing new cars relies on access to electronic information and data produced by car manufacturers.
Car manufacturers do not share technical information, some restrict independent repairers’ access to environmental, safety or security-related technical information due to perceived risks of increased car thefts or unauthorised modifications. In other countries, appropriate safeguards have been developed to securely share these types of information with vetted independent repairers.

R2RSA is committed to rectifying these injustices by the OEM’s. This action is the main reason why the South African Competition Commission, speared on by the Independent aftermarket role players such as Right to Repair South Africa, has forced the hand of the OEM’s in South Africa to adhere to an Industry code which will enable the Independent aftermarket to compete on a level playing field.

R2RSA has relied on donations and membership fees from the various industry leaders to achieve these important steps and we are extremely gratified at the extent of the contributions from industry bodies.

To achieve our ultimate objective we will require donations from the aftermarket to fund the ongoing fight to force the OEM’s into an industry code which will ensure that our objectives are met.

We hereby make this appeal to you to help in our quest. By donating R500.00 to our R2RSA fund you will ensure that your workshop will benefit and reap the rewards of the Right to Repair in South Africa

We are committed to the process and will ensure that the Automotive aftermarket is kept alive and relevant for future generations

Right to Repair South Africa


Account number: 1148616918

Branch code: 198765

Should you have any further queries, please forward them to Proof of payments and contact details can be forwarded to the same address.

Les Mc Master


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