Sisa Matriculated in Nozuko High School Mthatha.  He went to further his studies in University of Transkei (UNITRA) now known as Walter Sisulu University.  At UNITRA Sisa graduated with B.JURIS (Law) Degree in.

In 1999 Sisa worked for the Department of Communications during the International Telecommunications Conference.  During that conference Sisa met with the then Minister of Communications Mr. Jay Naidoo.  Mr.Naidoo gave Sisa a sponsorship to study Telecomm, Policy, Regulation and Management at Wits University P&DM.  Sisa attended the course completed, graduated and got the certificate in the year 2000.

In 2001 Sisa was very much instrumental in forming Soweto Chamber of Commerce which later affiliated to NAFCOC.  In 2002 Sisa worked for Law Review Project as a legal advisor responsible to protect and defend the rights of informal traders in Gauteng.  Sisa also consulted on the Land Claims cases in Mpumalanga mandated by the Department of Land Affairs.

Sisa again organized all the different Hawkers Associations in Gauteng into One Forum called Informal Business Forum.  In the forum Sisa was appointment as the Secretary General of the IBF.  It is during that time Sisa joined the African Council of Hawkers and Informal Businesses (ACHIB) under the leadership of Mr. Lawrence Bhekinkosi Mavundla.

Sisa again formed the youth wing of ACHIB called ACHIB-YF and became its first president.  In 2003 Sisa registered his first company which dealt with catering on events.

In 2004 he registered the second company which focused on Legal Consulting etc.  In 2005 till 2006 Sisa worked at Legal wise Randfontein branch as legal advisor.  Left in 2006 and joined Peoples Industrial Advice Centre, which is the legal expenses insurance company under Constantia Insurance till year 2007. In 2008 Sisa realized that there is still a huge imbalance in the Automotive Industry especial the AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR SECTOR.  Sisa started an organization called AFRICAN PANEL BEATERS AND MOTOR MECHANICS ASSOCIATION (APMMA) which represents the previously and presently dis-advantaged artisans in the Automotive Repair Sector.  Sisa is still the founding president of APMMA.

It is during his reign as APMMA President, where he realized that one of the reasons why the black artisans are not benefiting fully in the Insurance, Government, Private Companies work etc. it is they do not have the state of the art workshops and are not properly trained etc.   Sisa came up with the concept of Mobile Mechanic Workshops, which he termed SIYAKHANDA MOBILE WORKSHOPS.

Sisa is leading APMMA delegation that has lodged complaint with Competition Commission against OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), for unfair business competition and price fixing. Sisa is proud to say that he currently represents APMMA on the automotive steering committee that is writing and developing the Automotive Industry Code of conduct for the first time in the history of South Africa.

Through APMMA Sisa has got lot of respect in the automotive industry and insurance sector at large. His passion to challenge the status quo and lobbying experience make him and his organization to be preferred one amongst other associations.  Sisa’s vision remains intact to see most black people playing the vital role in the mainstream economy of automotive industry. His long term vision is to see South Africans manufacturing their own vehicle with South African brand.  We then export into other countries. With the influence he has in the government and private sector and with right partners that is achievable.

Sisa recently joined the Right to Repair campaign South Africa. Sisa is also a member of NAFCOC (National Federation of Chamber of Commerce).  Sisa has also good relationships with different municipalities across the country. One of the missing components in the Sisa’s puzzle to see that the strategy of empowering the previously dis-advantaged artisans has been the spares and parts. Sisa has also good relationships with the Taxi Industry which has recently revived by the product that he promotes. The product is called Drive Train Taxi Warranty that covers Taxi Engines, Gearbox, Differentials, Prop shaft up to 25 seaters.

He currently wants to develop an App’ for Motor Mechanics and Spares challenge has been the capital to develop it.

Currently there is one operating and the demand is high it is for that reason we need to increase them.  There is also a huge interest on APMMA members to acquire the Mobile Motor Mechanic Workshops.

SIYAKHANDA MOBILE WORKSHOPS is accredited by RMI and approved by all major motor vehicle warranty companies in South Africa. Siyakhanda Mobile Workshops is StdBank approved merchant (RT46) Eqstra Fleet, Avis Fleet, Fleet Africa, Ekurhuleni Municipality, National Treasury, Westonaria Municipality etc.

The intention is to offer Micro – Franchise businesses to all previously and presently dis-advantaged artisans in South Africa, starting with APMMA members. With the right investors this can be achieved with ease.

He has been approached by insurance companies who want to do business in the townships. Some companies want to bring in Panel beating Franchise workshops etc.  As stated above opportunities are plenty Sisa’s concerned has been as is always the capacity to deliver.  In most cases government help which most SMME’s rely on do not come as fast as they should. That result on many SMME’s loosing on lucrative business opportunities.  Therefore Sisa will always align himself with any individual or company that has the interest of the previously marginalized at heart.

Sisa managed to secure a desk for APMMA at South African Insurance Association which a strategy to access insurance business.  There are talks of establishing Enterprise development for insurance industry.

Lastly Sisa passion and focus is in automotive sector, there is a lot that he is doing and involved into. However it cannot be all reduce on paper. Most importantly together we can change the automotive industry and make it benefit more instead of few individuals.