In South Africa there is a need for a premium quality, independent workshop in the independent sector, and Samuels Service Centre fills this role. We are a fully accredited RMI and MIWA automotive service and repairs workshop.

At the nub of our value system is trust and integrity. We pride ourselves in our customer offering of high quality, trust, great value, a national network, and total affordability. We do this through supplying motorists with premium quality parts across all makes and models of vehicles. We also only use the Veedol Oil range of lubricants which supports our commitment to quality workmanship.

We recognise that the automotive service and mechanical maintenance offer to you, our valued customer, are either service at a recognised motor manufacturer dealership or use an independent workshop.

This choice presents the following challenges: the expensive cost of servicing at a manufacturer’s dealership or the sloppy workmanship of the perceived cheaper independent workshop.

Samuels Service Centre’s aspiration is to solve these two major frustrations by providing a national network of service centres that have the look and feel of a dealership, that is: right locations, roll-in receptions, spacious and clean workshop spaces, welcoming and friendly reception and waiting areas at the cost of an independent workshop.

At select branches you can find a boardroom facility so that you can have your business meetings while you wait for your vehicle to be serviced. Other ventures which we have partnered with are a hair salon, nail beautician and a massage therapist.