Pieter is currently the Director of the Motor Industry Workshop Association (MIWA). He has been involved in the motor industry for 10 years. “I was very fortunate to start my working career under the guidance of the late Dr Anton Rupert, an Industrialist and a phenomenal business personality. He believed in specific business principals and I took those and still to this day practice them which I believe has led to success,” he says.

He adds that although the motor industry is complex and demanding it is also rewarding working with honest hard-working families creating jobs and hope for thousands of South Africans. “I became involved in the industry from a more business than technical perception and have had the opportunity to grow over time to really love the industry. Historical and current responsibilities in an ever-changing environment have however forced me to be more involved in a practical manner. Fortunately, this has been made easier with the support and assistance of Retail Motor Industry (RMI) members serving in various structures.”

As the Association Director of MIWA, his responsibilities include elements of facilitation, management, investigation, development, sales, guidance, training and administration. “The industry demands continuous improvement, which demands guidance at all levels. As Director I am required to remain abreast of these demands and provide assistance to the association in navigating these demands.”