Global Right to Repair Position Statement


Right to Repair South Africa has joined other global association leaders to support the critical global right to repair movement by signing the new right to repair position statement. The statement enumerates the core beliefs of the movement and the objectives and intended outcomes of right to repair legislation. Importantly, the document sets forth 10 best practice principles to developing a framework for right to repair legislation that any supporting country can use and adapt them to their needs.

Globally, the automotive aftermarket keeps 1.5 billion vehicles on the road while contributing $1.8 trillion to the global economy. After vehicles exit their warranty period, independent repair shops perform 70% of repairs. This vibrant industry and the consumer choice that it creates is being threatened by automotive manufacturers that block access to wirelessly transmitted vehicle repair and maintenance data.

Without the convenience and choice of independent parts and repair, especially in suburban and rural communities, consumers will have limited access to affordable vehicle service and repair. These restrictions can have catastrophic effects on local economies and the well-being and safety of millions that rely on vehicle transportation daily.

Read the full position statement here.

North America

Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act–Moss_Warranty_Act

Federal Trade Commission

BMW Settles FTC Charges that Its MINI Division Illegally Conditioned Warranty Coverage on Use of Its Parts and Service

Auto Warranties

European Union

EU Block Exemption Regulation

Current Block Exemption Regulation EU 461/2010

Evaluation Report on the Block Exemption Regulation from 2002

FIGIEFA and the European Right to Repair Campaign

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Right to Repair Housing (Scotland) Act 2001. Important. This is only a general guide. It is not a complete statement of the law. If you want to know more about your rights, you should get advice from a solicitor or your local Citizens Advice Bureau.
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Right to Repair Unfortunately the Euro 5 and 6 Regulations only guaranteed the availability of technical data and repair information for cars first registered after 2009. There would be no guarantee that the independent trade and motoring organisations could continue to access repair information and technical data for vehicles registered before 2009 if the BER were allowed to lapse.