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The Right to Repair Campaign has been active in several Countries and we keep you, our supporters updated on the latest news, we would however want to fill you in on the background of the campaign, where did it all begin? Know the history so that you may understand the pitfalls and support the future.

In 1990 the Clean Air Act Amendments required all vehicles built after 1994 to include on-board computer systems. This was meant to monitor vehicle emissions. The bill required automakers to provide independent repairers the same emissions service information as provided to franchised new car dealers. Further legislation was passed in California requiring that all emissions related service information and tools be made available to independent shops. Furthermore the bill required the car companies to maintain web sites which contained all of their service information and which was accessible on a subscription basis to repair shops and car owners.

As technology advance, computers will control the vital systems of every vehicle. Repairing your vehicle will become a high-tech operation, computer diagnostics tools replacing a mechanic’s observation and experience. Manufacturers have now become the “gatekeepers” of the advanced information and tools necessary to repair and supply parts for your motor vehicles. This as you can plainly see is a very unhealthy state of affairs.

We count on the Support of industry leaders, and consumers. Support can be shown in various ways, you as an individual can simply like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In. Spread the word and put mass pressure on the powers that be. Should you like to become a member of the Right to Repair Campaign and play a more intensive roll you are free to support us as either a anonymous member, a Supporting member of a Premium member.

This is not an isolated campaign, it is just a matter of time before YOU will be affected.

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